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The new far-right government in Brazil

Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the veteran army captain who was the victor in the Brazilian presidential elections second round (run on September 28th 2018), has indicated ever more clearly how Brazil’s future government starting in January 1st 2019 will be like. By announcing the names of his cabinet ministers-to-be and through……

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Argentina: economic crisis and development history

Mauricio Macri won the Argentinian presidential elections at the end of 2015 promising to change Argentina’s course, which in Cristina Kirchnner’s second mandate did not show the same levels of growth it did on the first time nor in the previous government, her husband’s, Nestor Kirchnner’s, besides the political atrition she faced with corruption charges […]

Venezuela: what has taken the country to the severe economic crisis?

Recently the president Nicolas Maduro announced an initiative to promote monetary reform and an attempt to overcome the hyperinflationary process (forecasts indicate over 1 million percent inflation in 2018 and 10 million percent in 2019) and make it possible for the economy to recover. Two new currencies were created: the bolivar soberano, that replaces the  […]

The USMCA agreement and the USA foreign policy

In Donald Trump’s presidency the United States has taken a turn in its foreign policy, changing the prevailing paradigm after World War II. Having taken the position of one of the winners in the conflict and a position of world power, the US sponsored the creation of the Bretton Woods institutions: the World Bank, the […]

Cuba’s new Constitution

Last week the government of Cuba presented the complete text of the preliminary draft of a new Constitution to substitute the 1976 document. With relevant modifications in the economic and social fields, the new text proposes the elimination of references to communism, the acknowledgement of private property, the creation of the position of prime-minister and […]

The USA immigration policy and Latin America

The United States immigration policy has special importance to Latin America. According to a story by BBC on their website (link below the text), Latin Americans of Hispanic origin are 55,2 million people, 17% of the total population in the United States. Within these, 63%, or 34,7 million people are Mexicans. Among those who are […]

The victory of the right in Colombia

Iván Duque, candidate for the right and political protege of the former president  Alvaro Uribe, won the presidential elections in 06/17/2018 in which he defeated Gustavo Petro, candidate for the left. Duque was elected criticizing the agreement signed by president Juan Manuel Santos with FARC (“Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” if translated to English from […]