The Latin America Analysis blog was born out of a vision to spread analyses on the region’s politics and economy for readers from anywhere in the world, which in turn prompted the texts here to be written in English. Written from the perspective of an international political economy specialist (an expert in the area of knowledge that brings together economy, politics and history to think about international themes), the blog will tackle, through a critical take on issues, the insertion of different Latin American countries in the region and in the world; their political economy and your internal politics will be explored in the texts too.

The aim is to analyze issues of the conjuncture or matters of politics and economics of the countries in the region. The blog is a subscription service, as it is detailed in the SUBSCRIBE tab. However, there is a trial period of 30 days within which cancellations are free.

This blog does not intend to be a news channel as seen in newspaper platforms that report international news, politics and economy. Also, it is not intended to produce analysis like that of academic articles. It is not the goal and it would not fit in a blog. The intention is to produce reflections on different Latin American countries and realities, their economies, internal politics and their relation with the world. Here relevant topics in the region are discussed and the goal is to produce analyses of different issues.

Subscribers will have exclusive access to the channel – the monthly subscription for US$ 0,90 or the annual subscription for U$S 8,00. The monthly subscription will be automatically reissued every month. Still, the subscriber can cancel their subscription at any moment and in the following month there will be no charges. Subscribers will have access to  texts analyzing the Latin American scenarios and different countries in this region, for US$ 9,90 split over eleven instalments of US$ 0,90 or, in the case of an annual subscription paid in full, US$ 8,00.

After December 2018 there will be a pause of two months in the postings, being the return scheduled to March 2019. This blog is managed and has its content produced by one person, and that means this pause is a necessary time for a new cycle of study and research for the new texts in 2019. The author hopes to contribute with the spreading of knowledge about the region and its insertion in the world. From the start, I’d like to thank those who choose to follow me on this journey.

Wagner Sousa

Curitiba, Brazil, May 4th 2018.